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Our Menu of Services features offerings that provide you with  healthy, shiny, gorgeous hair! Each BOND Beauty Experience includes education on how to maintain and achieve your look at home!

At BOND Beauty, all prices are based on stylist level, length of hair and technique required to achieve the desired result. Our stylist levels are based on their experience and the demand on their time.


All of our haircuts include a professional shampoo + conditioning service with the best products in the world. Your shape is finished with products and techniques chosen just for your texture and style’s needs because there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. For an additional cost, hot tools may be used. Price $30-$65
Daily Style (Blowout)
Why do the work yourselves when 30 minutes and our professional hands can do it for you? A Daily Style (Blowout) includes a professional shampoo + conditioning service with our luxury brand of products and a professional blow out utilizing the right products needed for your unique hair texture. Additional options for your daily style include braids, trendy pony tails or a sleek, flat blow out as an alternative; so you can choose.  Price $20-$50
Special Occasion Styling
Are you attending a prom, wedding, special event, or date night? Leave your hair up to us. Our team is amazing with all types of styling to last you all day and all night long. Following a brief phone or texting conversation, we will determine the best way to approach your styling session and hair preparation. Price $30-$90



Foundation Hair Color | Retouch
Foundation Color is to cover regrowth at the scalp approximately every 4-6 weeks. We include a gloss to refresh the ends and a blow-dry finish. (We may need more time for you service if you want to change from the current color you have. Please be sure to mention that when scheduling.) Price $40-$90
Dimensional Hair Color | Foil + Balayage
This category covers all of our services where we create multi-dimensional colors for one person. Depending on your desired end result, we may choose foil or block coloring to provide highs and lows in your end result. We may also use a free form of application or French Balayage to create a more unstructured or “lived-in” appearance to your color. 
  • Partial Foil $45-$100
  • Full Foil $75-$150
  • Balayage Partial $45-$120
  • Balayage Full $75-$155
  • Block Coloring and Other Dimensional Application Starting at $65
Alternative Hair Color | Corrections
When changing your hair color, stylists at BOND Beauty use a combination of color services to provide a change in previously colored or lightened hair. This service is offered by our most experienced stylists and requires a consultation for an exact price quote. You can schedule a $25 consultation prior to booking your color appointment, and we apply that charge toward your color work. Sometimes we can provide a generalized quote over the phone so you have an idea of your charge. All pricing will be confirmed prior to your hair being done on the appointment.



We love textured hair. For those who desire to tame your tresses, we offer amazing Kerastase conditioning treatments to help with frizz and create incredible shine. We can also layer our treatments for a greater controlling affect. Priced $35-$150  (We do not perform chemical straightening or curling services as are ammonia free. We believe in healthy hair and great product to product your Rock Star results.)
There is nothing like a transformation in your hair just from a 3 minute treatment! Whether you choose Kerastase or Shu Uemura as your transformer, you will not be disappointed! We customize everything to your needs, so whether your hair is dry, limp, heat damaged, chemically challenged, color deficient, moisture deprived, limp, frizzy, or too short, We’ve got you covered. Priced $20-$50
We have adhesive extensions that are secure and have the most beautiful hair! Lasting up to 4 months, our guests’ extensions are undetectable as we stock them in house for a perfect color match. There may be an occasion where we need to color or custom order your hair for the perfect match 😉
  • Accent or Style Change $100-$500
  • Thickening $500-$1,400
  • Lengthening $1,200-$2,600
All maintenance is ala carte. Keep in mind the longer you go from your natural hair, the more hair is needed to blend. All extension applications include the extension shaping as well. 



We offer makeup consultations and applications for every day or that special event.
Formal Finish
Perfect for a special event or formal setting. $65+
Makeup Lesson
Personal lesson for full face makeup techniques. $35+  If you are seeking a lesson on how to utilize your Mirabella purchase, there is no charge!
  • Lip $16
  • Brow $16