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Your DIY Guide to Reese Witherspoon’s Carefree Waves

27 September

This is a great look to top off a formal strapless or any date night dress!” says Suzie Bond, a L’OREAL Professional Artist at Perfect 5th in North Carolina of Reese Witherspoon’s look on the 2012 Golden Globe Awards red carpet.

Reese, long known for being “cute”, brought out the sexy for this red carpet, and it was to super-rave reviews. Reese’s bombshell hair was loose, wavy and full of volume – very different from the sleek straight locks we’ve seen from her in the past, and we like it! Here’s Suzie Bond’s advice for trying out this look on your own for your next formal (or not so formal!) event.

Reese Witherspoon Hair: Get The Look

Reese Witherspoon hair

1. Begin with freshly shampooed and moisturized hair.

2. Prep with a lightweight bodifying mousse like Texture Expert Mousse Volupte, concentrating on the scalp top and front, and lightly comb through the ends.

3. Dry with a paddle brush with your head upside down to get lots of volume at the scalp. (We recommend a Mason Pearson brush!)

4. Prep your dry hair with a lightweight working spray. “I love Infinium 2 for humidity protection and control!” says Bond.

5. Using a large barrel curling wand like Curl Styx from ONE Styling, wrap each 2″ x 2″ section in different directions throughout the head. Changing directions will give a fuller, more beachy effect. Do not curl the ends. Just let them gently bend.

6. Spray hair one more time throughout with Infinium 3 this time to build stronger hold.

7. After hair completely cools, tip your head upside down and run fingers through your tresses. Flip your head back up and put hair into place. Done!


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